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A new tower project in Beijing

A new tower project in Beijing

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Tarih  Tarih : 02 Mart 2011, 09:39

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A new tower project in Beijing

Promised to be an icon on a skyline in a country which has more icons than a Russian peasant can shake a stick at, the tower, at least for a short while will be able to boast being the tallest tower in Beijing, standing at more than 500 metres when complete.

Located close to the visually stunning CCTV Headquarters the project opts for a simple design, the square shaped towers base arches over the metro line before rising to a spireless peak. Tall and slim considering its shape the feminine feel to the tower is further added to by tapering in at its middle like a nicely nipped in waist. This curving also serves to maximise floor plates at the top of the tower while also improving structural stability.

The facades of the tower will be fully glazed adding to the sleek look and feature a diagrid patterning on the lower and upper portions of the tower, the centre section has vertical lines that accentuate the height of the tower. 

When complete the 300,000 square metre tower will become home to Grade A office space which will stretch over 60 floors of the 120 storeys, 20 floors of serviced apartments and a 300 key luxury hotel spanning 20 floor which will feature all of the state of the art facilities people come to expect in tower projects these days.

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