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Istanbul Emre Arolat shattered towers

Istanbul Emre Arolat shattered towers

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Tarih  Tarih : 07 Mart 2011, 10:19

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Istanbul Emre Arolat shattered towers
This time penned by Emre Arolat, the project is called the Selenium Mecidiyekoy Residences. The design features a couple of twin towers that rise from a shared podium that is highly segmented with the perimeter columns marking out the boundaries of the towers mass as well as giving a vertical expression to the structure. 

The style has, at least on the outside, much in common with previous plans by the architect for other tall buildings in Turkey including the currently under construction Makyol Hotel.

With a series of glass blocks set on top of each other with gaps in between fragmenting them, these columns allow the existence of recesses and voids behind them at certain points permitting the creation of a selection of roof terraces and sky gardens that not only allow residents to enjoy attractive spaces in the sky, but also help the internal natural circulation of air throughout the towers, by feeding into the atriums that the apartments overlook.

With a mixture of both recessed and projecting balconies in addition to the sky gardens, every one of the apartments is planned to primarily have south facing views to make the most of the sun.

Residential in nature, the Selenium Mecidiyekoy Residences if built will be 60 storeys to the tip of the taller of the two tower elements that should translate into a final height of about 200 metres making it amongst the tallest buildings in Istanbul although, to date, there's no word on an actual schedule for construction.

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