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A ’Unique Concept’ For Outlet Center In Ankara

A ’Unique Concept’ For Outlet Center In Ankara

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Tarih  Tarih : 29 Temmuz 2011, 12:24

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ISTANBUL - After building Viaport Outlet Center in Istanbul, Bayraktar İnşaat is turning its attention to the capital. Ankara Vialife Fashion Outlet Center will cost the firm nearly 50 million euros to set up. The center will create 1,000 jobs

Bayraktar Kardeşler İnşaat, a construction company that was established in 1953 by Emin Bayraktar, is busy working on its second outlet center.

The company that opened Viaport Outlet Shopping Center in Istanbul last year has now decided Ankara will be its next investment destination.

Ankara Vialife Fashion Outlet Center, which is estimated to cost around 50 million euros, is expected to open in a few months. The outlet center will provide employment opportunities for 1,000 people.

The outlet center will be located in Bayraktar İnşaat’s business towers, known as Via Towers, in Söğütgözü and it will have a unique concept, according to Muzaffer Gülöz, general coordinator of Viaport. "We are working on a concept that will not make people complain about just another shopping mall," he said. "Some 80 percent of the rental areas in the outlet center have already been hired.

Setting priorities

"After Viaport, many people expected Bayraktar to invest in Istanbul again. However, the company decided to prioritize Ankara," said Güloz. The company has plans to turn Viaport into a chain outlet center, said Güloz. "However, just like the rest of the world, we are observing [the conditions] this year before implementing new investments," he said. "We are currently focusing on completing investments at hand.

"We are aware of the high demand for new branches of Viaport. We definitely want to have a location on the European side of Istanbul. Currently we have not designated a location for such a project. However if and when an opportunity presents itself we would certainly take it in consideration. Meanwhile, we also have plans to invest for the construction of shopping malls in İzmir and Antalya," said Güloz.

Commenting on complaints of the excessive number of shopping centers, Güloz said the sector did not have any problems apart from the mistakes made in location and planning. "Many shopping centers transform into outlet centers when they prove to be unsuccessful, however, this is not the proper way to attain success," he said.

Viaport, located in Istanbul’s Kurtköy, has been visited by a record number of people, Güloz said, adding that the stores located in the outlet center have also been setting records in turnover. With their turnover figures some 60 percent of our tenants rank among the top five stores for their respective brands."

Affordable products

In times of economic crises customers are inclined to purchase affordable products, according to Güloz. "Outlets grow more during the periods of crises. However, this can only be a factor, not the sole reason. We set off by focusing on our target, and this is the source of the success."

The property costs are at an astronomic level in the city, Güloz said. "However, we have a good location, and provide a wide area, where people feel comfortable. Brand mix has also contributed to our success. We have created a space with entertainment facilities that enabled customers to engage in other activities than just shopping.

"Our current occupancy rate is 100 percent and many brands are still waiting in line to take part in this development. We are also in talks with some new global brands that are considering to enter Turkish market," he said.

The construction of a five-star hotel and exhibition center is also ongoing, Güloz said. The investment is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

by Gülşen Cebeci - Referans


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