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Two Companies Start New Kurtköy Project

Two Companies Start New Kurtköy Project

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Tarih  Tarih : 29 Temmuz 2011, 12:26

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ISTANBUL - Alize Park Evleri and TepePark Villaları in Kurtköy's Akfırat neighborhood are being built by two construction firms, Yuvataş İnşaat and Beşyıldız. Both projects are due to be finished and handed over to its owners by the end of the summer

In a joint effort, Yuvataş İnşaat and Beşyıldız construction firms will finish two new housing projects in Istanbul’s Kurtköy district at the beginning of summer.

Yuvataş Construction Coordinator Güzin Evardar said the firm would finish the Alize Park Houses and Tepepark Villas in Kurtköy's Akfırat neighborhood by the end of this summer.

The Yuvataş Group has built thousands of residences since it was formed 42 years ago. Its first project was a villa in Bodrum. The company started TepePark Villas in 2006, and Ekşioğlu Beşyıldız and Alize Park Evleri in 2007.

Alize Park Evleri is being built on 11,000 square meters of land. The complex is located near Sabiha Gökçen Airport in the Yenişehir district. When completed, the project will be four 10-story buildings. Flats range from 140 to 195 square meters, with two, three or four bedrooms. Prices for units range from 185,000 to 325,000 Turkish Liras. Prices per square meter vary between 500 and 600 liras.

Most of the Alize Park Houses unit owners purchased their units before they were offered for sale to the public. These customers bought smaller units and did not scrutinize technical specifications because they just wanted to invest in a new Yuvataş project. Thirty percent of the 120 units have been sold to these loyal customers whose primary goal was investment.

When the project was launched, the buyers' profiles changed. They were not investors, but instead were buying houses to live in. They preferred larger units such as 170 or 195 square meters. Of the 120 units, 23 have not been sold and only three of them are large units.

Transportation may be a slight problem regarding the location. "Settlement in Akfırat has not started in a proper sense yet. There are systems of collective taxies (dolmuş) and several bus lines, but these routes are not very developed," said Ervardar.

The construction of Alize Park Evleri started after the construction of TepePark Evleri because the villas’ infrastructure work is difficult and takes more time than apartment buildings. The projects will be completed at approximately same time.

TepePark Villas is another Yuvataş project. The Akfırat neighborhood is conventionally oriented toward villa construction and development. What distinguishes TepePark from others is that they are neither semi-detached villas nor row houses but separate, independent homes, said Ervardar. In 48 hectares there are 42 houses with 1.2 hectares each. Amenities include electronic window brackets, central vacuum cleaners and sensor lights. Interior decoration will be made to fit the owner’s tastes. The 42 houses will share three swimming pools, with a total of 800 square meters. Fire alarms, smoke detectors and other detectors are all parts of security measures. They are "smart villas," according to Ervardar.

The TepePark project started in 2006. There are three types of villas. The first type is 440 square meters and is called Kehribar (Amber). The second type is named Safir (Sapphire) and is 330 square meters. The third type is 320 square meters.


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