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Right Inside The Forest:Çekmeköy Forest Villas

Right Inside The Forest:Çekmeköy Forest Villas

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Tarih  Tarih : 29 Temmuz 2011, 12:26

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ISTANBUL - Checklife Çekmeköy Forest Villas Project in Çekmeköy is a project that promises life right inside a forest.

The project, built by Arsan İnşaat (Arsan Construction), includes a spa, wellness center and various social centers. As well as a steam bathing room, a sauna, a whirlpool bath and Zen gardens, there is a beautiful view of the forest. The project is built on a 33,000 square meters and consists of 53 villas of six different types.

Designed for green

The size of triplex villas ranges from 390 to 550 square meters. The size of duplex villas is 305 and 308 square meters. With 12,400 square meters of green space and open fields, the area totals 45,400 square meters. The project is designed so that 85 percent of the land is allocated to green space.

Construction of the project started in 2008 and it will be completed in 2010. The prices range from $810,000 to $1.4 million.

The project offers a lifestyle with a large area of personal space in the heart of the forest as well as being situated quite near the city, Işıl Cengiz Özer, marketing coordinator of Arsan İnşaat, said. "In the forest, you can live in peace and tranquility. Every detail is considered while creating a private sphere for the homeowners."

World-famous architecture group RNM Design created the wellness center’s architectural design. Dara Kırmızıtoprak, who is famous for creating unique houses and lifestyle, prepared the interior design.

"The Checklife Project is a real boutique project. The landscape for the Çekmeköy Checklife Project is very inspiring," said Özer. "Visitors are astonished by the project and inquire, ’How can such a place be possible in the center of Istanbul?’ We were inspired by the Zen philosophy. Checklife’s philosophy creates an atmosphere where people are not contradicting nature but enjoying it peacefully."

"We took into consideration the needs of modern people and ways to lessen stress and then we created the wellness center that is located on a 2000-square-meter area.," she said.

"Our wellness center will be equipped with a swimming pool, spa, sauna, Turkish bath, massage rooms, whirlpool bath, pet house, restaurant and children’s playground," Özer added.

For outdoor activities, there will be a golf course, basketball and tennis courts and walking tracks in the forest.

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