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Koray Builds Prestige in ’Bursa Güzelbiryer’

Koray Builds Prestige in ’Bursa Güzelbiryer’

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Tarih  Tarih : 29 Temmuz 2011, 12:29

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ISTANBUL - One of the leading construction firms in Turkey, Koray İnşaat, has launched a new and prestigious project in Bursa called Bursa Güzelbiryer. The project comes with a new concept of a ’sample block’ instead of the usual ’sample unit’.

Koray İnşaat’s new project, called "Bursa Güzelbiryer" in Bursa near the Marmara Sea, is an archetype of exclusive and special projects that are mainly built in mega cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Eskişehir.

Koray İnşaat not only came up with a sample unit as usually expected but also prepared a "sample block" open to visitors last week. At the opening of the sample block, Ali Pusat, manager of real estate development for Koray İnşaat, said they again broke new ground by setting the standard of the living complex by offering a guarantee to replicate the sample block on other blocks, adding that this is a new concept in the sector. It is one step further than submission of a general warranty certificate of a residence.

Pusat said, "You will understand the spirit of the project by visiting and seeing the sample block." Pusat also underlined that the concept of a sample block is carrying the concept of a sample unit a stage ahead.

Sample block

Speaking at the press conference on the occasion of opening of the sample block, Pusat said issuing of warranties guaranteeing the replication of the sample block was a completely new service provided to consumers in Bursa. The usual practice was issuing of Property Quality Standards.

"We prepared a large block for you to see, to examine and to feel. This way, potential homeowners have a chance to understand the project in a more detailed way, to sense the ambience and to make an easier decision by feeling the spirit of the project. As it is seen in the construction site, the construction of the complex is moving faster than scheduled. As we promised, we are going to hand in the first stage of units at the latest in March 2010," said Pusat.

The project was launched in March 2008. The groundbreaking ceremony was held April 20, 2008. It covers 12 hectares and consists of 58 blocks and 750 units. The first stage has four-story blocks made up of 381 units. The apartments range from units with one living room with one bedroom to one living room with four bedrooms. It has 25 different unit models. Seventy percent of the land is allocated for green space. Every other social facility that can be found in modern living complexes can be found in the Bursa Güzelbiryer project as play grounds, terraces, cafes, restaurants, parks, exercise tracks and more. The project will cost approximately 175 million Turkish lira.

Koray İnşaat has built other prestigious projects such as Sabancı Center, Yapı Kredi Plaza, Karum Alışveriş Merkezi, Sabancı University, Ankara Sheraton, Adana Hilton SA, Ürdün King’s Academy, Yapı Kredi headquarters. Other projects in Koray İnşaat’s portfolio are Göcek Marina Resort villas, Kasaba, Elit Residence, Ev-İdea, İstanbul Bis, İstanbul Zen and more.


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